Christmas Style Inspiration With Sapellé

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As we all know, Christmas is upon us and as usual with this season, most of us are bound to attend several dinners or parties to celebrate the end of the year.

With this in mind, I’ve teamed up with the lovely people at Sapellé, a lifestyle brand which you’d be learning more about below, to bring you today’s dinner style inspiration.

Before visiting their store at Portobello road, I had a look at their website and fell in love with some of their pieces. And as soon as I saw their mermaid skirt, I knew I just had to style it.

As usual, I paired the skirt with some of my already owned items as I believe in making do with what you have and not always completely wearing one brand head to toe to make an outfit pop.

Here’s the first look:

A crop top is always a great idea for a high waisted skirt, so pairing it with my Misguided off-shoulder crop was a no brainer. Then going with a gold aesthetic theme, I accessorized with a gold metal clutch from my collection- Ofio, gold hoop earrings and heels with gold buckles and design.
style inspiration


seasonal style


style inspo


style inspo


Indigo Handwoven Mermaid Skirt-

Top- Missguided

Heels- Ikrush

Serena Metal Clutch-


For the second look, I decided to style their Wool Basotho Blanket Poncho which is made by a South African designer using 100% wool Basotho blankets.

With this look, I really wanted to go for the sleek, “I didn’t try hard” look. So pairing the poncho with a skin tight leggings did the trick. And then using the same heels and accessories really shows how you can put your closet to work in order to achieve stunning outfits for different looks and occasions. Oh and of course I added the Sunflower Yellow bracelets from the Sapellé collection.
style inspiration


style inspiration


style inspiration


style inspiration


style inspiration



Leggings- Garage

Heels- Ikrush

Serena Metal Clutch-



About Sapellé

Sapelle is a London based lifestyle brand offering beautifully designed contemporary fashion, gift and home decor products for design lovers with a discerning eye. They offer a fusion of global style inspired by Africa and ethically made by skilled artisans and designers from around Africa and Europe.

What I love most about this brand is the story and value behind their recent partnership to form the Sapellé Group Limited. You see, as it currently stands it’s a partnership between 4 creative women who as I’d say were fiercely and fearlessly pursuing their passions in creating designs and pieces that told a positive narrative of Africa. And then earlier this year after a long friendship, they decided to merge in order to work together to reach wider audiences and continue to influence others not only to live fashionably, but to also highlight the talents, artistry and creativity from the African culture that is currently being mimicked, misrepresented, or even worse,  dying off.

If there’s anything I love, it’s a passion with a purpose!

I hope you enjoyed this post and would give Sapellé a try while you shop this holiday season.

To learn more about the brand and shop online, go to

To shop in store, visit their boutique showroom at Unit 7 Portobello Green, 281 Portobello road. London, UK W10 5TZ

What do you think of the looks? Would you have styled them any differently?



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