Brighton Fashion Week 2015: Zeitgeist Catwalk Show

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Having attended last year’s BFW, I anticipated this year’s with enough fervour to light up a room, and was pleased when to get on a train heading to the colourful town of Brighton last Friday.

If you haven’t been, then you’ll be happy to know that Brighton is like no other county in the UK. It’s uniqueness and ability to accept all as they are is no wonder creatives and bright minds alike flock the town for their various pursuits.

So as expected with such eclectic and forward thinking lot, it comes as no surprise that BFW has a lot more to offer the fashion industry than meets the eye.

In such times, where we’re constantly having to battle between excess and need, the organisers and designers of BFW show that the fashion industry can be creative as well as innovative in its pursuit for sustainable fashion consumption and the promotion of ethical practices.

As a mandatory requirement, all designers for the Zeitgeist show made a pledge towards sustainability and the use of fair trade/ethical practices in their production process.


The Pledges Toward Sustainability

  1. The inclusion of organic, up-cycled, recycled fabrics or other sustainable materials in the garments and collection.
  2. Designing out waste and reducing material consumption during the making of the garment.
  3. Designing for longevity creating value for the garment to ensure the consumer will treasure it forever.
  4. Designing garments with a lower carbon and water foot print and ensuring no harmful dyes are used in the process.


Below are my top five collections from the catwalk:

LOM// Tribal Tales








Rozanna Walecki// Black & Blue








Hellavagirl// Dairy Of a Lost Girl








Isaac  Raymond// The Revolution Of Bravery










Gabriella Sardena// Sugar








For the full list of designers, click here

Photography- SewaFolie.

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