SewaFolie is The Voice & Soul of Millennials the world over.

SewaFolie seeks to explore the depths of our ever expanding world through the eyes of spirited beings who inspire and encourage others through their work and experiences to a life of intent.

By infusing the love for travel, photography, fashion and impassioned talks, the site radiates an ethos of positivity and creativity that leaves each individual in a state of elation. We also spotlight undiscovered talent and burgeoning artists.

We believe that humans don’t live in a world created to simply exist, but in one where life is curated mindfully.

We’re Generation Y… We’re digital Millennials.



Sewafolie was created by Lize Okoh, a twenty something years old millennial with the penchant for storytelling and wander-lusting. She was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, and later relocated to England where she furthered her education and graduated with a joint honours degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Sussex. Throughout the years, she pursued other interests but inevitably returned to her love for art and fiction. She hopes to use this platform as a medium to encourage and inspire others to a purpose driven life filled with happiness and inner peace. She’s working towards becoming an author, content legend and entrepreneur.

Welcome to her beautiful eclectic creatives.




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